The Intelligent NFV Services Orchestration Platform

Luxoft’s Software Defined Lab platform is built to enable today’s telecom operators and large enterprises to transform their traditional network services infrastructure into network function virtualization. The platform enables rapid and flexible deployment of virtual network functions (VNF) and offers DevOps agility to cloud services providers. The key value proposition of SDL is that it is designed from DevOps and service automation mindset to fulfill the needs of network administrators that support IT application developers practicing agile software development.

Benefits of Software Define Lab:

  • Vendor Neutral

    SDL is technology agnostic. The unique market value of the platform is that it is not a part of any vertically integrated vendor specific solution and therefore, it can be easily extended and enhanced for integration with other third-party products or solutions.
  • Ecosystem Friendly

    Shift to SDN and NFV not only offers companies IT advantages such as programmability and flexibility of networks but it also promotes open ecosystem around key products such as an orchestrator. SDL is designed to be ecosystem friendly.
  • Compliant with ETSI NFV architectural blueprint

    SuperCloud corresponds to standard industry architecture. Platforms’ design is based on Telco operator recommended ETSI NFV architecture which enables providers to simply leverage this platform and enhance it further to fit their custom needs.
  • Intelligent service placement and automation

    SuperCloud is designed with a network administrators’ prospective workflow in mind. The platform’s automatic service placement algorithm enables the service provider to focus on the logical definition of the desired network service. Meanwhile the backend orchestration skillfully allocates, computes and network resources to meet tenant service requirements.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Aware

    SuperCloud leverages service provider needs for supporting service level agreements guarantees. With the use of this intelligent dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm SLA guarantees for tenants becomes reality.