Luxoft, a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, covers all major vertical markets and offers international delivery capabilities through its network of 17 state-of-the-art delivery centers around the world. Luxoft provides a wide array of telecom technology services and employs highly trained, experienced engineers who know how to take advantage of the available development environments and platforms to deliver successful and network and data communication initiatives for our clients. Luxoft’s telecom services will accelerate your infrastructure development, facilitate the introduction of new services, or enhance your existing telecom network.
Luxoft’s Award Winning Professional Services Utilizing SDL Can Assist You in the Following Ways:
  • Consult

    Luxoft keeps close pulse on innovations and developments in the SDN and NFV markets. Our R&D team is well versed and keeps up with the changes that are happening in the industry. Fresh-from-the-market expertise of our consultants provides clients with skillfully tailored strategy for migration of existing networking infrastructure to SDN and NFV. SDL platform offers a headstart to customers for moving to NFV, and Luxoft’s Consulting Services then enable you to leverage that base even further.
  • Design

    Luxoft is renowned for forefront domain knowledge. Our network architects design solution architecture is tailored for specific client needs. The design can be improved even further in phases based on time to market and other business constraints.
  • Build

    Luxoft builds technology intellectual property platforms that clients find extremely useful and that are highly customizable. SDL’’s architecture has been thought through in a way that clients can customize it for particular needs or enhance it further to add specific features and integrations to the platform. As an example, an orchestration platform definitely needs to be integrated with OSS/BSS solution that a customer may have already invested in. Luxoft’s software development services expertise enables an easy and rapid integration of our platform with such third-party systems, whether it is the legacy OSS/BSS systems or the latest cloud based OSS/BSS systems.
  • Test

    As customers consider investing in SDN and NFV technology, Luxoft’s SDL platform can be leveraged to create a flexible and programmable virtual SDN/NFV lab solution that allows customers test various aspects of the technology according to the methodologies they find important to them. SDN Test Lab can be easily implemented using SDL to automate building of topologies for tests such as SDN OpenFlow conformance & performance and overlay conformance & performance. SDL’s NFV orchestration features such as VNF lifecycle management and openstack integration can be used to perform functional and benchmark testing of various VNFs. This setup also enables one to complete conformance, interoperability, scalability and fail-over testing of a specific VNF or chain of VNFs that are orchestrated by SDL. Luxoft professional services can provide expertise to customize such virtual SDN and NFV test lab and also assist in script development to drive full automation of the quality assurance process.
  • Deploy

    Luxoft’s know-how about open source cloud computing platforms (e.g. Openstack) and various cloud infrastructure services providers (e.g. AWS, Rackspace, etc.) makes us an ideal partner to help our clients deploy custom NFV solutions to the cloud IT infrastructure. We can do this deployment on behalf of our customers to speed up time to market and time to revenue. In addition, Luxoft can offer NFV orchestration as a managed service to deploy custom solution in the cloud and manage it on behalf of our clients.
  • Maintain

    SDL’s platform can be maintained for product support to fix bugs and add minor/major features.