NFV Orchestration of SLA Guarantee Services in Virtualized Data Centers

Android Games: here In order to support DevOps like programmability and agility for cloud IT customers, cloud service providers need to adopt orchestration platforms that support on-demand and rapid deployment, scaling and resilience of VNFs. Network function virtualization (NFV) is at the heart of transforming today’s data center operators to software-defined operators. Clearly, orchestration and life cycle management of VNFs is of paramount importance in enabling faster time to revenue and reducing operational overhead for cloud service providers.
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Virtual OpenFlow SDN Test Lab

A multi-vendor test lab setup is often required for vendor equipment qualification, proof of concept trials and pre-deployment lab testing to evaluate software upgrades. Unlike a virtual SDN Test Lab solution, homegrown test automation tools or scripts cannot fulfill the need for programmability, efficiency, scalability and ease of use in the SDN quality assurance process. A virtual SDN test lab solution not only enables rapid orchestration of different test methodologies but also aids in faster completion of test runs due to a parallel execution, scalable and distributed test lab architecture.
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