SuperCloud – Intelligent NFV Orchestration Platfom launch

As you may have noticed, since the beginning of this year, networking industry has started to ask the questions of “when” as opposed to “why” SDN and NFV. As expected,  major industry transformation such as SDN also went through a hype cycle when exuberance took over realistic short and long terms goals. We heard things like SDN Apps and App Stores and those discussions although are very interesting, haven’t been top of mind for cloud services providers and large enterprise customers. SDN and NFV Phase-I is about the migration of existing IT customers who have deployed traditional rigid network infrastructure and want to transform these to programmable, flexible and virtualized networks. Industry pandits coined the term DevOps which has now become a mantra as traditional data center operators are looking at adopting orchestration and automation to offer agile network services to their customers.
Luxoft has been dabbling in the SDN and NFV market for a good couple years now. We first initiated an opensource test execution platform called Twister. We also developed a SDN testing module called OpenFlow conformance that harnesses Twister’s power to validate openflow virtual and physical switches. SDN does help to make network infrastructure more agile and flexible. However, Network Services – Firewalls, VPNs, Load Balancers et cetera, can’t automatically take advantage of the new found flexibility, unless there is a special mechanism that helps to provision, orchestrate, configure and map software instances of these services with optimal network layout. Although virtual appliances for network services is first good step toward network services virtualization, it is far away from running network services as virtual network functions (VNFs) on top of Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI). Ability to program these VNFs from a services mindset and keeping in mind DevOps agility and programmability is the new horizon that industry needs to reach to. Hence, dynamic VNFs and VNF chains is natural evolution of today’s virtual appliance based network services.
We are very excited to share a fantastic news with customers that are considering Network Function Virtulization(NFV) transformation for their data centers.  We are launching today Luxoft SuperCloud – An intelligent NFV orchestration platform that’s designed from services automation and devops perspective. It provides cloud services providers a NFV orchestration platform that is vendor neutral, follows telco recommended ETSI NFV architectural guidelines and is ecosystem friendly. Often service providers and larger enterprises who manage data centers, need a platform that can be extended further with professional services. Luxoft  supports SuperCloud with its award winning professional services. So, we got your back Mr. Customer!
Read about SuperCloud product launch press release (URL) and see our demo of a real data center SDN solution during ONF’s Solution Showcase at the SDN World Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany!
If you are attending in person, please visit us at exhibit booth#1. It would be our pleasure to give a one-on-one demo.

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